New England Ravens Baseball

Franklin Pierce Exposure Camp January 31

Let Your Talents Shine!

January 31 5-8 P.M.

The Clinic Includes:

• Player evaluations:

– Arm-strength testing

– Running evaluations

– Speed tests

– Bat-speed tests

• Top-level personal instruction from:

– Professional scouts

– College coaches

• The opportunity to be recruited by college programs

This is your chance to learn from six time regional champions, Franklin Pierce Baseball!!


For more information click here:


Franklin Pierce Baseball Exposure camp

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25 Days Til Christmas Raffle Winners

December 1st :
Mon Amie Fine Jewelry Gift Certificate Tina Gorton / Day
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily prize Jeff Peters / Akerley
Bulldog Design Daily winner W. Kassotis / Coppo
Gold Discount Card Linda Murphy / Akerley
Pizza Barn Gift Certificate Kristen Gallagner / Day

December 2nd :
Travis D’arnaud autograph baseball Donna Hubert / Feld
Bens Sugar Shack :Gift Basket Ashley Gioun / LeClair
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily prize Nancy Hayden / Hayden
Bulldog Design Daily winner Cindy Labounty / Labounty

December 3rd :
NGM Windbreller Kyle Fontaine / Akerley
Bulldog Design Daily winner Leah Goulet / Davis
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Becky Hayward / M . LeClair
KA Electric Inc-6 rounds of golf at MCC Kevin Coltey / Johnson
Steve Wilder Auto – oil change Richard St.Pierre / Healey

December 4th
Steep Tea Basket – Gift Card Scott Maclean / Maclean
Que – Viva Fitness – fitness classes Matt Gaffney / Clark
Mon Amie Fine Jewelry Gift Certificate Chad Wagner / Wagner
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Stephanie Konopka / Konopka
Bulldog Design Daily winner Chris Kirby / Kirby

December 5th
Peterborough Diner Gift Certificate Mark Fortner / Beede
Toms Auto-oil change Dave Cutter / Akerley
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Leah Goulet / Dargie-Davis
Bulldog Design Daily winner Barbara Fish / Labounty
Toadstool Bookstore gift card Jamie Tenney / Healey

December 6th
MJD Hair Design – Gift Card Paige Beede / Beede
Toadstool Bookstore – Gift card Mickey Labounty / Labounty
Chris Davis Plumbing & Heating – Furnace Cleaning Jen Maslowski / Hayden
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Chris Nichols / Sydney Maclean
Bulldog Design Daily winner Kama Ellnor / Ellnor

December 7th
Toadstool Bookstore gift card Diane Knightly / Swett
Jeannes Family Diner Gift Certificate Melissa Holland-Peters / Neese
Bowling Acres Gift Certificate Kevin Chamberlain / Akerley
Bulldog Design Daily winner Chris Rocheleau / Beede
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Laura Delargey / Adams

December 8th
Harlows Pub gift certificate Stephanie Konopka / Konopka
Crotched Mountain Aquatics 5x family swim pass Penny Bell / Healy
Yankee lanes Gift Card Tim Dunn / Clark
Bulldog Design Daily winner Don Tariff / Audet
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Cindy Labounty / Labounty

December 9th
Napolian Smoker Kevin Baumgartner / Feld
Discount Gold Card Paula White / Labounty
Yolo Frozen Yogurt Gift Card Shannon Carroll / Dunham
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Nancy Hayden / Hayden
Bulldog Design Daily winner Marcia Murdock / Mason

December 10th
Peterborough Community Theater 4 movie passes Dennell Seamans / Healey
Amicci s Pizza Gift Card Eric Hall / Clark
Peterborough CC – 6 rounds of golf Deborah Piletz / McCallister
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Linda Clifford / Clark
Bulldog Design Daily winner Chris Giles / Giles

December 11th
Buff Master – gift certificate Sarah Gonzalez / Oster
Douglas Cuddle Toys-plush toy Casey Bourasser / Dunham
Peterborough Diner Gift Card Mike Burridge / Wagner
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Tom Hillock / Healey
Bulldog Design Daily winner Lee Hanninen / Maclean

December 12th
New England Diamond Devils 3 day mini camp Gary Jackson / Stearns
New Hampshire Monarch game tickets Amy Hill / Beede
Toadstool Bookstore gift card Joanne Trattan / Beede
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Peggy Rouleau / Day
Bulldog Design Daily winner Gretchen Higgins / Mason

December 13th
Winn – Winn Express Restaurant gift card Dori Nadolny / Johnson
North Street Market Lunch Special Jennifer Chapdelaine / Labounty
Food Co-Op Gift Card Chris Hayes / Hayes
Bulldog Design Daily winner Jon Balben / Coppo
Fisher Cats Daily winner Janet Roy / Stearns

December 14th
Bradys American Grill Gift Card Carol Shelley / Coppo
Home Depot – plier set James Descoteaux / Gendron
Douglas Cuddle Toys – Plush Toy Lois Steinmann / Dinardo
Fisher Cats Daily winner Amanda Bassett / Fortner
Bulldog Design Daily winner Jake Funari / Bemont

December 15th
Brentwood GC-Labounty Dan McKenna / Gaillardetz
Monadnock Discount Gold Card Mike Clark / Swift
NGM-Windbreller Leah Goulet / Dargie – Davis
Bulldog Design Daily winner Helen Stone / Boyd
Hat Jon Seidel #17 / Seidel
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Erica Jordan / Jordon

December 16th
Troy Arctic Cat Gift Certificate Brett Bailey / Clark
Crest Dental Strips Tyler Coppo / Coppo
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Lori Blount / Ayotte
Bulldog Design Daily winner Judi Breckell / Johnson

December 17th
Kathryn’s Florist Gift Certificate Sara Racano / Fortner
KA Electric – MCC ~ 6 rounds of golf Michelle Carrio / Chandler
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Scott Hagland / McCallister
Bulldog Design Daily winner Christina Hayes / Hayes

December 18th
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Game Tickets Kevin Chamberlain / Akerley
Home Town Diner Gift Certificate Marcie MacKenzie / Giles
Autex Dealership Oil Change Wayne Kassotis / Coppo
Bulldog Design Daily winner Heather Daniels / Clark
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Ron Ayotte / Ayotte

December 19th
DCL Custom Builders – Gas Card Donna Hubert / Feld
Bens Sugar Shack – Maple Syrup Christina Hayes / Hayes
Bulldog Design Daily winner Jacqueline Lefbrve / LeClair
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Ed O’Brien / Maclean
Tyler Coppo / Bruin Alumni autograph puck Ben Steiner / Maclean

December 20th
Boston Bruins tickets Robert Holmes / Johnson
Prime Roast Coffee Shop GC Tom Walsh / Beede
Sunflowers Restaurant Gift Certificate Lily Colon / Colon
Fisher Cats Daily winner Lily Colon / Colon
Bulldog Design Daily winner Angela Sanborn / Dunham

December 21
Cheshire Pellet / ton Kyle Thibault / Clark
Kitchen Store Kevin Chamberlain / Akerley
Life is Sweet GC Ms. Heon / G LeClair
Bulldog Design Daily winner Vicki Wheeler / Healey
Fisher Cats Daily winner Stephanie Konopka / Konopka

December 22
Franklin Pierce University Baseball Camp Tyler Coppo / Coppo – transfered to Lane LeClair
King Garden Restaurant Gift Certificate Elaine Moriarty / M. Ayotte
KA Electric Inc – 6 rounds of 9 holes of golf Stephanie Keenan / Day
Fisher Cats Daily winner Douglas Fish / Labounty
Bulldog Design Daily winner Chris Giles / Giles

December 23
Roys Market Chicken Cordon Bleau dinner package Dave Cutter / Akerley
Optimum Financial-Financial review Maggie Phillips / Joslyn
Bulldog Design Daily winner Steve Ryder / HHealey
Fisher Cats Daily winner Steve Chamberlain / Akerley

December 24
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Game Tickets Linda Murphy / Akerley
Bulldog Design Daily winner Nancy Botyom / Ellnor
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Daily winner Sherri St . Laurent / Lane LeClair
Ron Bouchard Auto Store-complete auto detailing Michelle Guay

December 25
East Hill Farm-get away for family of 4 Stephanie Konopka / Konopka
Discount Gold Card Al Dinardo / Dinardo
Discount Gold Card Chris Pratt / Balben

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!! Thanks to all our sponsors for generously supporting us and Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets that directly benefit our athletes !!!

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NE Ravens Fall Tryouts

NE Ravens Fall Tryout Information

Raven Hats Logo

When: Wednesday, August 17 5:30pm-7:00pm (11U)

            Wednesday, August 17 7:00pm-8:30pm (14U,Underclass,18U)

            Saturday, September 24 12:00pm-1:30pm (11U)

            Saturday, September 24 1:30pm-3:00pm (14U, Underclass, 18U)

Where:  Pappas Field

               40 University Drive, Rindge NH 03461

Cost: $30.00  New Players( Which will be credited towards tuition) , Free for returners


Practice will be moved from Sunday, January 24 to Saturday, January 23

The Little diamond players will practice 2-3:30 on Saturday, January 23

Big Diamond players will practice 3:30-5 on Saturday, January 23



NE Ravens Practice Schedule Released

Practices will be broken up as follows:

Small Diamond-First 1hr and 30min

Big Diamond- Second 1hr and 30min


23          2-5pm

31           5-8pm Cage and Multi only


7              10am-4pm Hitting Camp

14           6-9 pm

21           5:30-8:30 pm

28           5:30-8:30 pm


6              5:30-8:30 PM

13           8-11 am

20           8-11 am

Franklin Pierce Hitting/Position Clinic Dates Announced

BB hitting-position clinic feb 2016 (1)

Hitting/Position Clinic at Franklin Pierce University

Hitting Clinic

February 7, 2016


Position Clinic

February 13, 2016



The Schedule

10:00 Warm Up/Stretch with trainer

10:10 Form running

10:20 Position instruction/Hitting drills

11:00 Position drills/Hitting games

12:30 Position recap/Hitting recap

1:00 Lunch break

2:00 Warm Up/Stretch with trainer

2:10 Form running

2:20 Position instruction/hitting drills

3:00 Position drills/hitting games

4:00 Clinic Concludes


Winchester~J. Coppo / After being featured on Channel 9’s Chronicle during the week, all eyes were on our organization. The day started at just before 7:00am Saturday morning as coaches, players and parents arrived on Main Street in downtown Winchester. What was a simple patch of bright, dewey green grass would guickly transform into a New England Ravens operation that would feature a variety of fried desserts, hearty grilled sandwiches and of course, fittingly, fried pickles. By 9:00am, the grills were fired up, fryolaters were ready and and the three booths were manned and ready. Wheter it was a sausage with onions and peppers, burger, hotdog or one of the many fried desserts, bananas, twinkies, snickers, brownies or oreos, we had it and it was smelling good ! And, the line at the Jimmy C’s Fried Pickle booth was ready to become never ending….the New England Ravens AAU booth was the place to be. As the Ravens players made there way to the Pickle Parade assembly area just before 10:00am, the official start of the festival, the lines had already started to form. Shortly after 10:00am, the Ravens players in uniform were north bound on Route 10 tossing candy to the thousands of people waiting to get a peek at many unique parade partipates. The players were tossing candy, walked along side the Ravens mini monster truck as it made its way in the parade possession. At noon, the lines stretched deep into other booths waiting areas and people patiently waited their turn for some healthy Ravens offerings, New England style. The Pickle Festival chorus made its way behind the counter to offer a gleaming rendition that stopped production momentarily but quickly drew a round of applause. At 3:00pm, as most groups were packing up their possessions, the Ravens offerings were still sought after. As the last people, and Pickle Festival staff stood to get their fried goodies, the Ravens were ready to pack it up. At 4:00pm, the trucks, the Ravens express trailor were loaded and headed east on Rte.119 toward Rindge. Nine hours after it begun it was just another day of a well oiled operation on display serving up the festival favorites, New England Ravens style…we’ll put our operation on display next weekend in the three day 25th anniversary Milford Pumpkin Festival and then be at the world famous Keene Pumpkin Festival October 18th.











New England Ravens Baseball Coach Aric LeClair was called out by Ravens Tyler Coppo to participate in the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. LeClair, a former left handed pitcher in the Arizona Diamondback and Kansas City Royals organizations, recently took a different type of challenge to Dr. Arthur & Martha Pappas Field when he pitched against the Chinese Tiapei team. The four inning performance against the fourth ranked team in the world was a dream come true as LeClair topped the radar display at 91mph. Coppo, who called LeClair out, was originally challenged by Ravens Coach Al Dinardo. LeClairs Ice Bucket Challenge will take place Friday night, 7:00pm at Dr. Arthur & Martha Pappas Field. Besides LeClair fulfilling his financial obligation, the Ravens will have a donation cooler at tryouts and LeClairs employer and New England Ravens Baseball supporter Fairfields Auto Group will match all monies donated to the ALS cause. Help fill up the bucket to support a great cause and watch Coach LeClair get doused with an ice cold cooler FULL of water….Friday 7:00pm.


Willamantic Ct. ~ J.Coppo…The New England Ravens 18u squad saved their best for last as they squared off against the Central Connecticut Rebels at the Dream Bat tournament at Eastern Connecticut State University in the championship game. The Ravens earned the #1 seed ranking by allowing 2 runs in the pool round. The Rebels allowed 4 in pool play. In the early semifinal game, the Rebels outlasted the Providence squad 4-3 in 13 innings, for the right to face the Ravens and a shot at winning the covented Dream Bat trophy.

The Rebels attacked first, plating 3 runs in the top of the third. The Ravens were able to muster a pair in the bottom of the 4th and looked as if they were getting to the tall right hander. The Rebels, 4 hits on the day took advantage of a New England miscue and plated an insurance run in the top half of the 6th. The Ravens right hander Tanner Putnam went the distance, allowing just 4 hits, striking out 7 and walked 1. New England pounded out 8 hits, Mike Fogarty (2-4), Cam Casper (double), Tanner Putnam, John Friday, Matt Tierny, Tucker Obrey and Cam Riley all added hits for the Ravens.

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